St. Mary's Council of Catholic Women
(Blessed Virgin Mary Sodality)

Remember that ALL ladies of the parish are considered members of
the Council of Catholic Women.  Please join us in our activities!

The Ladies are arranging an evening trip to the Shrine of Our Lady of
Snows on
Tuesday, December 3.  Departure from Chester at
4:00PM.  Evening will include dinner at the Shrine Restaurant and
touring the Way of Lights.  Contact any of the officers for

Current officers are:

Pat Bohnert
Pat Friess
Treasurer - Joan Gross

All officers share duties of the Prefect.


St. Mary's Council of Catholic Women is the oldest parish organization.  Shortly
after the first church was built in 1850, a small group of ladies formed the first
Altar Society.  Its purpose was to procure necessary items for the altar and the
church.  The Council has changed and evolved through the years, but its
purpose and focus have remained the same - to help in the care of the parish.  
The Council (also commonly known as the Blessed Virgin Mary Sodality)
celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1994.  Among its many activities, the Council
prepares funeral dinners and the annual Popeye Picnic Smorgasboard
fund-raiser, and makes many donations toward church and school
improvements.  The Council is also active in pro-life and other Catholic interests.


All ladies of the parish are considered members of the Council of Catholic
Women.  No dues are charged for membership.


The 4th Sunday of each month is CCW Sunday in our parish.  The ladies are
asked to sit in the front pews on the Blessed Virgin Mary side of church for the
9:00AM Mass.  The rosary is recited before Mass begins.

Business meetings are held quarterly.  Meetings include refreshments and fun