St. Mary's Parish Council
The first meeting of St. Mary's Parish Council was held on April 29, 1987.  Though the council
has evolved and changed over the years, its role in the parish remains the same.  The role of
the council is to:
1)  Serve as a consultative body to the Pastor.
2)  Assist the Pastor in the administration of the parish through recommendations and active
3)  Act as an authentic representative voice of the people of the parish to the Pastor.
4)  Assist the Pastor in building a strong community of faith and prayer.
The current members of the council are:

Rev. Eugene H. Wojcik, Pastor
Cheryl S. Gross, DRE
Jessica Buatte, Trustee
Mike Vasquez, Trustee
Brian Niermann, West Deanery Representative (President)
Matt Colvis (Vice-President)
Anita Bievenue (Secretary)
Donna Schulz
Martha McDonald
Craig Eubanks
Jim Surman
Meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday in the months of January, March, May, July,
September and November at 7:00PM in the Parish House.  Meetings are open for all
parishioners to attend.  Agenda items for our meetings should be brought to the President
at least 10 days prior to the meeting.
Other committees that minister in our parish include the Liturgical Committee, Education
Committee, Social Outreach (Service) Committee, Finance Committee, Maintenance
Committee, Cemetery Committee, and Poverty Services Committee.  Meeting dates for these
committees are published in the weekly bulletin.
Copies of the minutes from our meetings are available in the back of church in the center
vestibule.  You may also view them here online.  Click on a date below to view the minutes of
that particular meeting (Note: Adobe Reader is required to view these files.  If Adobe Reader
is not installed on your computer, click on the logo to get the free download).
                          MAY 25, 2016
Ex-Officio members of the council are the Pastor, 2 Trustees, Director of Religious Education,
and West Deanery Reflection Group Representative.  6 parishioners are elected for a three
year term (2 are elected each year).