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Marian Prayers
For guidance from the Holy Spirit for President-Elect Trump, Vice
President-Elect Pence, and for healing to the deep divisions that
currently plague our country.

For the family of James Brockmeyer as they continue to grieve his tragic
passing.  May the Lord provide them comfort and understanding.

For healing and a return to health for Dan Geisen

For single Catholics, that they realize that they also have an important
vocation to the church and that their feelings of loneliness are eased.

That people will realize that peaceful dialogue is the answer to settle
disagreements with the outcomes of police-related shootings, not
destruction and violence.

For all of the faithful departed, especially those dear to us who have died
in the past year.

For so many parts of the world dealing with war, violence and unrest
that the Lord give leaders the wisdom to provide peace.

For all in our parish who are suffering or hurting in any way.

For our priests that the Lord help them to find happiness and fulfillment
in their ministry.

For the members of Fr. Gene's family who are dealing with health issues.

For Pope Francis that the Holy Spirit guide him in his ministry.

For an increase in the understanding of and treatment of the effects of
mental illness.

For President Obama, Vice-President Biden, and the Congress that they
defend the rights of the born and the unborn.

For the safety of our military personnel in Afghanistan and throughout
the world.

For those who are looking for work, that they will soon find work that is
pleasing to God and fulfills the needs of their families.

For those who suffer loneliness, that the Lord provide them comfort and

For those members of our parish and those near to us suffering from
cancer, that the Lord give them the comfort and healing they need.

For all of the deceased clergy of St. Mary's Parish and the Belleville

For an increase in vocations to the priesthood and religious life in our